Laboratory Control & Monitoring System (SGLMS)


SGLMS laboratory monitoring and control system is essential to ensure that the laboratory of research-critical applications is up to standard. You can remotely monitor your laboratories' and equipment's temperature, CO2 level, relative humidity, O2 level, pressure difference, air flow, door opening, AHU, backup power generator set (genset) or UPS and rooms' condition and status at anywhere, anytime. Its high accuracy and remote data acquisition technology, coupled with analytical data engine, provides an early indication of a developing fault. This allows maintenance to be scheduled and corrective action to be taken to avoid consequences of the failure.

SGLMS can help enhance building energy controlled by monitoring and controlling the building HVAC system. SGLMS can also upgrade your existing building HVAC system to an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

SGLMS provides 100% digital, easy-to-use, web interface, with simultaneous multi-user-level access laboratory / environmental monitoring and control system. It has a central collection on a secured server with intranet-wide remote access. Scientists, researchers, students, or doctors are able to monitor all room and equipment data with their results using Smartphones, iPad, or remote PCs with any platform such as Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android or Linux.

SGLMS provides laboratory monitoring services for large areas of sectors, e.g., scientific, healthcare, pharmaceutical, microbiology, biosafety, and food industries. We offer hard-wired, ethernet connected and wireless systems to suit your environment and application. We provide a range of state of the art sensors and associated equipment.


SGLMS laboratory control and monitoring system (LCMS) is able to control and monitor:

  • Chilled Water System
    • Cooling tower fan operating status
    • Cooling tower flow rate
    • Cooling tower pump operating status
    • Chiller Chilled water in and outflow (usgpm), pressure drop (bar), temperature (°C).
    • Chiller compressor operating status
    • Chiller pump operating status
    • Chiller suction/discharge pressure (psi) and temperature (°C)
    • Auto-balancing for incoming chilled water flowrate and pressure
    • Auto-detecting chilled water temperature
  • Process Air Handling System
    • Air handling unit operation status (amp, watt, volt), airflow (cfm & fpm), off coil temperature (°C)
    • AHU overload protection
    • AHU airflow auto control to auto balance room differential pressure
    • AHU chilled water control to maintain the temperature and relative humidity
    • Fresh air and exhaust airflow (cfm & fpm), temperature (°C), relative humidity (%);
    • Fresh air intake energy transfer control
    • Fresh air intake auto flow control
    • Fresh air temperature (°C) and relative humidity (%) information
    • Exhaust air auto flow control
    • Heater operating status (amp, watt, volt)
    • Heater overload protection
    • Heater operation control
    • HEPA/ULPA filter status (%);
    • HEPA/ULPA operating status
    • HEPA/ULPA replacement alerting
    • Duct air flow (cfm & fpm) and off coil temperature (°C)
    • Variable air volume control
    • Fan filter unit control
  • Laboratory & Cleanroom Monitoring
    • Lighting operating status, timer control & LUX level
    • Room temperature (°C), relative humidity (%), differential pressure (Pa)
  • Laboratory & Science Equipment Monitoring & alerting
    • IVC operating status and failure alerting
    • Freezer operating status
    • Incubator set point and operating status
    • Liquid nitrogen tank operating status
  • Low Voltage Electrical Monitoring
    • incoming TNB power monitoring (harmonic, ampere, voltage, etc)
    • incoming TNB power surge protection
    • backup power kick-in status and alerting
    • backup power failure
    • UPS operating status
    • Final alerting on total power failure by SMS
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