Laboratory Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Services


SUPERGENICS Solution Sdn Bhd has years of experience in laboratory air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system design and build project. We provide full support to our clients. We help to implement, plan, design, manage, supervise, install, test, commission and validate laboratory air conditioning and ventilation system. Our engineering management team ensure that we are capable to provide an appropriate ACMV system for the laboratory through complex mechanical, ACMV systems and installations.

We also capable to rectify, re-engineer or retrofit existing ACMV equipment. With wide knowledge in indoor air quality, our engineering team will select the most appropriate ACMV equipment or system, e.g., ducting system, air handling units or blowers, chillers or compressors, filters, etc.

SUPERGENICS Solution Sdn Bhd provides variety of after sales service and maintenance, from 8/5 to 24/7, ad hoc to contract, phone assist to on-site maintenance services.

We provide design and install laboratory or building control and monitoring system to manage the air handling unit (AHU) or chiller unit with your room environment and your laboratory equipment. Scientist or researcher is able to monitor and control with just one-touch or one-click using iPad, iPhone, Androids, or PCs, remotely or locally. All faults, unnatural, or special incidents will be alerted or alarmed within seconds.

Type of applications: Biosafety laboratories, Animal Facilities, Stemcell Laboratories, cleanrooms, etc


  • A standard modulus design is introduced while tuning the width and height of the unit proportionally to meet on-site conditions. Equipped with double inlet forward/backward pitched centrifugal fans of international name brands and impellers and belt pulleys with motion/rest strictly rectified, the unit works more stably, quietly and efficiently.
  • The coil features a new type of specially processed antirust fins which can greatly reduce air resistance and motor power consumption.
  • Multiple circuit designs are available for different working conditions to reduce water resistance and improve heat-exchange efficiency.
  • The water trap of the coil has two valves for water and air discharge, with a test pressure of 3.3MPa and maximum working pressure of 1.7MPa.
  • A Pitched design for the heat-insulated condensed water collector ensures smooth discharge of condensed water, leaving the circuit dry all the time.
  • Each functional section has a specially-designed airtight access door sealed by quality sealing strips for servicing internal components of the unit while maintaining airtightness of the system.
  • The surface of the unit is made of quality color steel, which can resist corrosion, scratch and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Internal panels are made of steel plates galvanized with aluminum and zinc, with an assured service life of more than 15 years. All panels feature end-to-end joints and smooth surfaces, without any bur or corroded point.
  • The internal panels feature reinforced design, which is strong enough to support the largest air handling unit.
  • The unit panel has two thicknesses, namely 30mm and 50mm.Inside the panel, hermetically foamed polyurethane (no fluorine) with a density of 48kg/m3 is used as the heat-insulating material. The heat conductivity factor is less than 0.02W/m°C.
  • Each functional section of the unit is equipped with a steel trough base, thus ensuring it is well supported, easy to transport and assemble. The overall robustness of the unit meets the standard of CEN2.
  • The unit features a special clamp structure, facilitating disassembly and maintenance as well as ensuring low air leakage. When the internal negative pressure is 1000Pa, the air leakage is below 1% (level B air leakage of European standard EN1886).
  • The unit panels are coated with strong and heat-insulating UPVC plastics, thus avoiding direct contact between heat-conductive parts. With a heat-insulation grade of T1 (European standard), thermal bridge and cooling capacity loss are completely eliminated
  • Air handling unit shall be chilled water air handling unit with non-thermal bridge internal frame structure, double skin panels, thermal bridge coefficient shall be at Class TB2 (0.6 < kb ≤ 0.75).
  • Cabinet mechanical strength shall be grade 1; The maximum relative deformation shall be 10mm.m2.
  • Air leakage class 3A (5.7 l/s.m2) of European standard EN1886.
  • Built-in filter shall have G3 primary efficiency 5μm washable panel filter (20~25%) and secondary F8 high efficiency 1μm Bag filter (90~95%).
  • All air handling unit fan motor shall be installed with variable frequency drive to control and monitored by SGLMS (laboratory control and monitoring system). Filters operating status (%) and choked alerting system shall be installed and link to SGLMS
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